My Perceptions Changed – Evolution of my Art #5

Mid studying the Basics books and lectures, at the end of a book titled Creation of Human Ability, one day I walked outside to find that my perceptions changed.  Life was dazzling with space, dimensions, vivid colors, precision, crispness, light!  Taking a walk was like looking at wonderland.  My viewpoint of life has not only stayed at that level but has increased ever since.

I decided to work on a project that had only been an idea.  I wanted to capture the spiritualality and history of the ancient Native American Indians that had lived in Arizona.

I used images of areas with ancient ruins to express the beauty and wonder of the people that had once lived here.  My style of painting once again changed.  Instead of the landscapes, dreamscapes, trees and butterflies that I had previously painted, I started painting people.

The people paintings were a mix of southwest with fantasy and a new modern style.  I thoroughly enjoyed creating the paintings.

Here’s a few of the ancient Native American Indians with the photographs that inspired the paintings:

Lady in the Cave – inspired by a rock formation that I saw at the Natural Bridge in Tonto National Park.


The Warrior was inspired by the cave at the Cliff Dwellers ruins.

The Warriors Pride – also inspired by the same Cliff Dweller ruins photograph.

The Warriors Pride

Please let me know what you think!

Stay tuned for the newest style…

Thanks for stopping by!


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